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January 18, 2013

Stylish Specs

OK…I’ve spent far too much time squinting over late night blog posts (and my new style book!) so I need a new pair of glasses. My friends at LensCrafters (feeling wildly sorry for me) sent me off to find the perfect pair, and I was in and out astonishingly quickly. (I have NO time. Seriously.) So if you’ve ever spent hours agonizing about choosing the right pair, don’t waste another second. Try out myLook—an ingenious technology at their store that shows you up to four different images of styles worn on your face so you can decide on the most flattering style with supreme confidence. The best part? They customized my perfect fit down to the millimeter—since I think they lend me the air of a deliciously haughty Librarian when they’re perched on the tip my nose— and my new beyond-fabulous navy (ultra hot shade!) Dolce & Gabbana glasses were ready to be picked up within a matter of hours. LOVE THEM!




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